Early College First Ever UNO Tournament

Tyler Tran, 10th Grade, BCECHS


“UNO!!” said winners Logan Krenzel, Katie Truong, and Omar RodriguezMendez. On March 23, the Social Club at BCECHS held a UNO tournament. Tickets were $3 

to play, and everyone was welcome.


Tournament leader Alexus Gilbert says, “events like this help boost the school culture because it brings the students and staff together by participating in a traditional card game.”


Alexus explained that the main goal is to raise money for the Social Club. They plan to use the funds to go on a field trip in the future. 


As part of this event, ticket buyers had to write their names down so the club could track who was missing. However, the main issue was that people gave their tickets away, and those who showed up weren’t listed, which caused some disorganization.


This event raised $39, so more events, such as car washing, might happen in the future to help raise funds for the Social Club. 


We congratulate Logan Krenzel, Katie Truong, and Omar RodriguezMendez on their wins. Katie Truong and Logan Krenzel had different strategies they used to pave the way to the win.


Krenzel planned to convince everyone to target one person and then sneak the win. Truong’s strategy was taking advantage of the stacking rounds, getting rid of the skip cards, and playing the +2 card as soon as someone was down to three cards. 


This tournament also allowed players to meet new people. However, some friendships were also put at risk. Both of them said that they met new people during the tournament. Both didn’t lose any friends, but Krenzel stated that his friend might still be angry with him for targeting him. Truong did not lose friends, and she promised to share the prize. 


Krenzel and Truong prepared for the game in different ways. Since Truong had received her ticket last minute and was only interested in playing for fun, she didn’t feel nervous. On the other hand, Krenzel was very confident as he had prepared strategies anticipating the deception and luck that came with the game UNO.


“At the end of the tournament, I was happy to see everyone had a good laugh except for Jake (the guy who had to draw eight cards). Everyone appeared not to regret playing, which makes me want to participate in any game competitions next year,” says Truong.  Despite it being a tournament, Krenzel stated he was satisfied with himself because he was still focused on having fun (even though his friend was upset that he lost). 

As a result of the Social Club’s UNO tournament, Logan Krenzel, Katie Truong, and Omar RodriguezMendez emerged as the top 3 winners. They will compete in the coming weeks until a final winner is crowned. In the future, more astounding events like this one will be allowed to happen thanks to the money raised.

And remember, when playing UNO with someone, you never truly know them until they play a draw four on you.