Summer Memories

Michael H., Leland Middle

A white-hot globe rises over the horizon

The silent yawns of blooming daisies

They stretch out letting their colors line the meadow

An image of a large cloud can be seen in the grass

High in the sky birds yearn for home, the places they solemnly left for vacation

But this was always their North, their home and it will be for their newborns too

Bees get to work, the endless hours pollinating the hills and plains of yonder

Making honey in their factories of wood and straw

And in the ground an imprinted paw

Left by the brown rabbit happily without his winter white coat

Still complacent with its life it yearns for a mate

Its summer love

It’s warm, fuzzy love that makes life all the sweeter

Like the sweet tea in an ice-cold glass on a porch during the hot noons of July

Being a part of nature

Witnessing its joy, its efficiency, its perfection

And when the sun sets after hours of work

 the animals and farmers alike gather to see the night gift

Endless light shows that pale the rockets of red and blue

When I go to sleep I dream of summer, embracing the next day

and watching as the sun engulfs the meadow 

In endless, fulfilling, reckless warmth

As it thaws the pine trees bring back the smell of citrus and cinnamon

Luring my nose

But it is nowhere near the sweet smell of that cool afternoon’s apple pie

Sure there strawberry, cherry, and strawberry

But they all are meager towards that of apple. 

The memories it gives of your first summer when grandma showed you her recipe

When you found the secret to all her cooking

The love she pours into feeding her family, and how she spoils her grandkids

Bringing childhood jealousy to their parents

When grandpa told stories of his days as an adult, adventures you wanted but couldn’t have

And the memories you make single to your mind

And when you grow up you lock them in a chest and they fade over time

But they are still there 

Still showing the love, fun, and joy of Summer