Summary of my school year 2022-2023


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Malia Flaverney 3rd Place in VFW Patriot Pen 2022-23

Malia Flaverney , 6th Grade Leland Middle School


Malia Flaverney

These were all of the great things that happened through the years 2022-2023 for Malia Flaverney. I met some new people and got closer to more of my friends. I got picked to be in the extracurricular  W.I.N classes. I chose creative writing, which is what I am doing as I am writing this summary! In the W.I.N class, you get the chance to write for The Teen Scene newspaper. I chose to write for the newspaper and I have been submitting stories for a couple of months now. Another thing that happened was that I had entered a VFW Patriot Pen writing contest where we write about Veterans, and I ended up getting 3rd place!


 About a month ago I tried out for the Leland Tigers softball team. I love softball and have been playing for many years so I thought I would try it out. I did not get to play in the games but I was able to help in the dugout and I did get a jersey. Fortunately, I got to practice with the team. I knew almost everyone on the team already but they are all in older grades or different classes so I never really got to see them besides on the field. It was nice to get closer by being on the field with all of them. That experience helped me learn a lot of new and different things as it was my first time on a school team.


 I have met amazing teachers and have gotten close with them, they are all super nice. This school year is not over. We have just about a month left, but a lot of great things have already happened and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.