Moving Forward


Aaron Maynor, 12th Grade, South Brunswick High School

Aaron Maynor

There was someone who used to be an important part of your life. Your relationship was
something beautiful and truly fulfilling, so wonderful. But at a certain point, no amount of
watering and nurturing can bring it back to the full bloom it once was. The fact that it has
deteriorated doesn’t mean you’re incapable of sustaining a meaningful friendship. It doesn’t
mean you’re not worth the time and effort it takes to maintain a connection. And it isn’t any sort
of evidence that you’re a burden or a bad friend. It just means that the relationship has fully run
its course. It means that you’ve evolved into different people or moved apart or just lost each
other in the clutter and preoccupation of life’s everyday demands. But it isn’t a reflection of your
value as a person and friend. You are worthy and you are loved.

You’re not where you want to be. And that’s okay. You have to start somewhere. This is where
you are right now. But it doesn’t mean you’ll be here forever. It doesn’t mean you’re stuck. It
just means this is where you stand today. I know life feels so overwhelming. I know it feels
endless, difficult, and painful. And I know there are days when it feels easier to simply give up.
But the truth is that most things worth having don’t come easy.

Change takes time. Getting to a
better state of life takes time. You’re not a failure because it taking you so long or because
you’re struggling just to start. You aren’t weak or incapable. You’re human. This life is hard. It’s
uncomfortable, mentally and physically taxing, and at times terrifying- and it makes sense that it
would take you time. It makes sense that this is a struggle. It’s time to live the life you desire.