Mother’s Words


Getty Images/iStockphoto

You are my heart

LeeAnn Simmons, 10th Grade, BCECHS

Mother had such words that were loving, and helpful.

The words she would speak could make you smile,

her calming and reassuring words that would brighten up the world.

But her words linger close in our ears,

You’ll hear her even if she is physically gone.

We’ve missed her dearly, Yes

But her words will be here, telling us to keep forward on journeys ahead.

They’ve healed our wounds,

They’ve heard our cries.

But yet the pain, and regret we feel,

still live on.

Mother’s spirit has spoken to us once again,

she heard our calls of sorrow,

she heard our cries of regret

And now,

She is here to relieve us from pain.


“We’re sorry” We sobbed,

“We can’t keep moving, It hurts too much Mother”

But Mother only shook her head and said,

“Your sorry’s are not needed, my children”

“I’m here with you, watching from above. And my words are as well.”

“Don’t forget them, they’ll aid you all in those dark, and hard times of need. For Mother’s words will fight to defend you and keep you moving.”

And with Mother’s words, we felt the pain and grift leave us as the years passed.

She was right, her words have aided us, and they have defended us from the hard and dark full times within our minds.

Her presence still lingers, placing her hand on ours to inform us we’re good enough, we’re powerful, and we’re successful in our lives.

We miss you to the fullest Mother, we hope to see you soon when our time has come.

Signed by your Daughters.