When Should School Close for Weather? – Student Perspective

Adison Miligan, 10th Grade, BCECHS

Schools should definitely close for weather when it impacts the safety of our students, parents and bus drivers. If there’s a warning for a hurricane, tornado or flooding it would be wise  to shut down school for the day. Or even when bus drivers are showing up late due to weather induced traffic. If the bus drivers don’t show up everything else gets astray because they play a very important role in our school, it’s like a domino effect if something happens to them.   Students would then be late to school or another bus driver would have to pick up those students,  and then you have to inform us and our parents, even sometimes we don’t get the alert on time about it and then we are just confused about where our bus is, it’s just a headache from time to time because of this.

We Should either A. have a delay or B. Close school for the day, (depending on the severity of said weather of course.)   When they do make these decisions it needs to be sent out immediately to everybody so no one is trying to get to school in dangerous weather. But it also  should not be sent out to early because the weather could change before that day arrives and we  don’t want to have to make that day up another time. It should definitely be sent out the night before or at most 1-2 AM that day. But the top priority when making these decisions should  be made upon the well being of the students and staff.