Heart Horse

Charlie S., 8th Grade Leland Middle School

I’ve sat on several different horses. None have ever given me a feeling like this one. For 2 years I have been on the hunt for a horse. It’s so much harder than it seems. Once you think you find something, it gets taken from you, then you’re back to looking. I’m so close, and yet so far, I would think to myself. But this time it’s different. I met a horse, named Dixie and I fell in love with her. I sat on her, warmed up, and began our ride. I’ve never smiled so much, to the point where my face hurts. I can’t fall asleep easily anymore because I think too much about her. I can’t help myself to not. It’s a different feeling you get when you find an animal that you know belongs to you. She is my heart horse. Just to have met her is a blessing. Dixie is my horse, and that will never change. She and I will go far in life. I’m sure of that.