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Dear Diary, 

Dear Diary,


I am done with girls my age who judge each other yet have nothing to say when it’s them being judged.


I’m done with the rumors and lies.


I hate that I was one of those girls: selfish, insecure, judgmental, and rude.


I hate who I was before. That person was inconsiderate of her actions and ignorant. I was alone and my family never cared. I had nobody who wanted to listen. So, when I got older, I shut everyone out. I ignored everyone.


Those girls asked why I left. They made up rumors about me. I felt like I died. I was so over them. So, I got back up and fought. Every. One. Of. Them. I won, but I got suspended for a week. It was worth it. But I still felt dead.


I finally grew up. I needed to let go of those people who continued to hold me back. So, I killed the girl I used to be. I wished for a new life, so I made myself an oath. “I miss the girl I used to be because it was who I was, but I’m better than her.” I love the new me-kind, strong, and self-aware. I have a new friend, but the girls I used to be friends with still make rumors about me.





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