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My favorite season.
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Photo of Lily Rae B.
Lily Rae B.

Pumpkins, crunchy leaves, and brilliant fall attire. Fall carries all the spectacular things. The cold, holidays, and, of course, cozy blankets. But one of the main holidays of Fall? Thanksgiving. A holiday filled to the brim and over with food, family, and fun (I know, it sounds cringy, forgive my quotatious soul.).

But Thanksgiving really is wonderful in my family. At my home, when Thanksgiving comes, we all head over and crowd at my grandparent’s house. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and more. It’s a pretty chaotic mess, and if you’re an introvert, you’re going to want to stay far away from my family’s Thanksgiving. But it’s also a lovely chaotic mess, a scramble of people running about, trying to finish whipping up last-minute dishes or setting things out. Generally, if you walked by the house to our family’s Thanksgiving, it would look like a harsh mess of people jambling around, shouting at others, etc., but I promise you… That’s precisely it. It’s a mess in a lovely way because we all put forth our best to make sure everything is wonderful. Chaos is just how we compute to show we love each other. And while everyone is running around, you’ll find people scattered around, communicating and sharing the latest things in their lives or speaking of the news, or whatever they find entertaining at the moment. 

Generally, when everyone is doing their own thing, whether it be cooking, setting the table, playing games, or spending valuable time with one another, I’m usually off in the corner, curled in a chair, watching everything play out, helping or interacting at times. That might seem lonely, but it’s not. It’s enough for me, and it makes me grateful for my family and our bonding session during the holiday. 

My family is stubborn. That is forever set in stone. And often, my family members are stubborn to one another, but they blend, and it all works out. They have their own individual secret ways of showing love for one another, and that’s perfectly okay because I know we all deeply care for one another, even if we seem a little angsty or grumpy, should I say, at first.

If I have to be honest, I don’t have a favorite family tradition. If anything, I love when we all get together. I guess you could say that is my favorite tradition. All of us get together to celebrate with one another. It makes me appreciate that we have one another. It makes me happy.

At school, though, we usually have a week-long break for the holiday. I’ve only been in high school since the beginning of this year, so I have absolutely no clue when testing is or what’s gonna be going on.

Anyway, I think that wraps up my little summary of my Thanksgiving. I’m gonna go get my favorite dessert of the season now: Pumpkin pie.

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Lily Rae B.
Lily Rae B., Freelance writer
Lily Rae B. is a student at North Brunswick High School and a Freelance Writer for the Teen Scene.

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