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Run Runaway, Turkey

Catch Me If You Can!

Once upon a time,

In a small town of Shallotte there was a family that had rumbling stomachs.

The aroma of turkey filled the air,   But…

When they were not looking the turkey slipped open the oven door and tried to make a dash.


To no avail he heard footsteps approaching fast, so he decided to stay in.

Dad came into the kitchen to pull out the pretend dead turkey out of the farce called the oven.

He laid motionless trying to hold his breath.

Oh, how the turkey prayed to the turkey God. Asking him to save him from his doom.

We gather around the table to say our prayer of thanksgiving.


Little did we know what was in store…

When dad carved into the pretend dead turkey   He jumped up and Gobble with a loud noise. Leaping across the table into the mash potatoes and gravy trying to escape from his doom.


We tried to corner him, but he was too fast. Leaving a trail of mash potatoes and gravy behind him.

The echo of “Gobble,” could be heard from the living room as the turkey decided to hide underneath the Christmas tree out of plain sight hoping that he was safe.


But he was mistaken!


Dad frantically got out of his seat and went into the living room with the knife in his hand.

Waiting on the turkey like a predator waiting on its prey.


The turkey came sprinting out of the Christmas tree. In plain view

Dad launched forward trying to catch the turkey.


But missed it by an inch.


Running with all his little might, the turkey made a bee line out of the living room and back into the dining room where we all sat there in amazement and complexity.


Run turkey, run!!!

As we witnessed all the commotion our stomach started growing hunger


Dad came back into the dining room with the knife in his hand, fatigue asking us if we saw the turkey.


We all replied, “He is under the table.”

Dad crunched under the table to see the turkey.

Dad tried to grab him and pull him out from the table but the determined turkey stood his ground.

He ran as fast as his little feet could carry him.


No turkey was harmed in making this…


Happy Thanksgiving to all the runaway turkeys.

The End.



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About the Contributor
Kaitlyn Steve, Contributing Writer
Hello my name is Kaitlyn Steve. I am from Ukraine and came to the United States when I was four and a half years old. I am currently 26 years old, and I live in Shallotte, North Carolina. I enjoy writing poetry.

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