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Preparing for an Exam is Easy with a Few Simple Tips

Kai C.

“I’m not feeling good about exam week; I will probably fail math,” says anxious Freshman Olive Price. Exam week is coming up and so many students are panicking and filled with anxiety. Do not fret; these tips and tricks just might save you. 

There are multiple ways to study, some your teachers may provide like the ones I am about to list; however, there are also resources online to help aid you in your search for a calm mind. 

(insert paragraph from teachers about mental tips)

You have to be ready in your mind before you can give your all on an exam. Some tips to help clear your mind include: practicing mindfulness, destroying distractions, and exercise. 

Mindfulness is “A stress-management technique which involves observing your thoughts, feelings and breath.” According to the University of Sydney’s website, mindfulness helps you organize and get your thoughts together, ensuring that you are ready to do this exam. 

Distractions keep us from doing what is important and what can sometimes be right in front of us. You need to destroy these distractions in order to focus and settle on what you need to do. An exercise you can do is “have a piece of paper and pen nearby, to jot down distracting thoughts” as the University of Sydney explains.

Exercise is more of a physical activity but sometimes it also improves your mental capacity and function. Exercise is a wonderful stress relief and can really improve your willingness to prepare for that exam. Also, do not be afraid to exercise with a friend. “Exercising with a friend can make the activity more fun, as well as providing additional motivation.” The University of Sydney explains the reasoning really well. 

Those are some mental factors that play into your relaxation and preparation; however, there is also the physical aspect of studying. Now some tips and tricks about study tactics are provided to benefit you and your test-taking pleasures. 

Some tips for studying include: making flashcards, studying with classmates, reading, and reviewing. 

Making flashcards is really beneficial for studying. Not only do they help you improve memory but they also help you have a physical tool to study with. “Flashcards also let you quiz yourself without the help of others” as stated by Shorelight Team which is a website devoted to tips and tricks for study tactics. 

Studying with a partner or classmates can be really helpful as well and not only that you are also helping other students who are just as anxious as you. You also may get to meet new people and friends. The website Shorelight claims, “Working together helps develop good study habits, increases collaboration on group projects, and boosts confidence.” 

Reading and reviewing is just that, reading and then reviewing. It seems time-consuming and really hard but it is really just a simple task which can provide numerous benefits. It helps you remember your material but also allows you to learn and take in more information and knowledge. The Shorelight website says, “Going over new ideas a day after class will help increase retention and comprehension—so make time each evening for a quick review.”

(insert teacher paragraph about study tips)

Every minute counts and so does your mental health. While you may be stressed and seem tired, you still have to give the final exam your all.  “Make a plan to study for your exams, document it in your planner, and get your family and friends to support your plan and then, EXECUTE. Make every minute count.” Mrs. Absher principle of BC ECHS states. 


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