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My Cloud of Solitude


Oh, my bed, so soft and inviting,

You are my sanctuary where dreams flourish for hours

With cloud-like pillows through which peacefulness showers.

You’ve given me endless peace through the night from the storms of the outside

A safe haven of peace where worries subside.

All dreams are left to linger frozen in time

Sounding so soft like a whispering rhyme.


Pillows as soft as clouds surround my head

Hugging my dreams so tight such a comfortable spread.

Your promises of peace and great comfort are like a pledge

You make all worries go to the edge.

Your embrace so warm

Keeps me safe from all the world’s storms.

The night remains silent from beginning to end

Reality gets calmer as the beginning comes to an end.


You remain so fluffy like a perfect cloud

Dreams wrapping my head all the way around.

A gentle experience of nighttime bliss

A place where peace will always exist.

You are my sanctuary where dreams twirl for hours

A peaceful night’s showers.

Rustling sheets sing a silent tune

All through the night right under the moon.


Like a soft whisper tender and sweet

A peaceful song of a comforting feat.

Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

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