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Highway of Life

Photo by Evgeni Evgeniev on Unsplash

I look beyond that dying cliff

As such small ones still walk

On those sidewalks of life.

I recall once walking on those

But never would people recall

I saw beyond, and it wasn’t just scraped knees

But a past of mine, so dark and so deep.


I think of life as a highway,

Driving a vehicle of my choice.

And I saw a hitchhiker, calling my name.

He didn’t want to be a lost cause anymore

So he considered it the end.

I kept driving, only stopping for bypassers.

I eventually ran out of fuel.

I stopped for more, had to bustle in line

To get more fuel.


I think of life as a highway.

Tank is filled, I’m ready

Though I will never know

What my intended purpose was

Or what it’ll ever be unless

I fulfill its wish.

I remember vastly

Those sidewalks of life.

How bittersweet they truly were.

And I’ll only know how great it was

When I crash

When I crash

When I crash into the ice-filled ditch.

People surrounding the scene,

Knowing like me

They walked on those sidewalks

And drove down the highway of life.

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