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You just have to look and pursue the best road to travel for yourself . . . .even if it’s the road less traveled.

Changes.  People often say changes come right out of left field.  I say they come from left field, right field, falling from the sky, and rising up from the ground like a new volcano birthing. Something changes in each of our lives every single day; so look for them.  I have had many and varied changes over the course of my time here on earth.  Some were good, some were not so good and some were mundane.  With the good things, I had joy, happiness and an uplifted spirit.

With the not so-good-changes, I often had depression, anxiety and sadness.  Mundane changes come and go.  I hardly think of those.

I don’t like changes.  Not particularly.  I have a relative who leaves their furniture for years and years in the same spots.  They don’t like change.  I tend to wear the same styles of clothes and shoes and hair (maybe not the color . . . .)  Sudden not-so- good changes make me feel out of control, afraid for what is on the horizon and wondering where the future is headed.   I would not embrace those changes.  I would fret and frown and feel like I would never be the same.

But recently I have had a great change and a great awakening.  Change can be good even if it feels bad at the time.  Yes, my friends, it certainly can.  I am learning to open up and look around at the rest of the world and my life during a time of great distress.   I am choosing to feel positive and look forward to this new change.

Why?  Because I made up my mind to do this.  I had a long talk with myself and listed silently all the positives about myself, my life, and where my world may travel.  I decided that it’s really not so bad and that I’m really pretty smart.  I will press on!  Maybe at this time in my life, I need a change.  Maybe I need to branch out and grow and learn new things.  I shed that old cloak of fretting and frowning and distressing.  I decided to look forward and get excited about the changes.

No not every change is this easy.  And for some of you, not unlike my relative and myself, you don’t like changes.  But I have found encouragement in friends, in family and spiritually  on this new life journey.  We all need an inner circle of people who rally for us, inspire us, reassure us and, most of all, love us.  We need an inner circle of people who will hold us back from the fire, too.  So please listen to those folks as well.   Remember:  it is easier to stay than to get out.

I am eager and even enthusiastic about the new changes in my life.   I’m starting an exercise plan and getting together with friends and family  more often.  I’m taking a look at courses available to me online for personal growth and enjoyment.   I’m asking for advice and help from those much wiser and more spiritual than I am.

If you are experiencing sudden changes, slow down a bit.  Look around and find positives in yourself and your new upcoming situation in life.  There could be some negatives floating around but there will surely be positives.    You just have to look and pursue the best road to travel for yourself . . . .even if it’s the road less traveled.

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