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A Wild Weekend Journey 




My parents and I went on a recent, quick weekend trip to New Jersey to visit family and for my Mother to attend a bridal shower for a family wedding in May.

Never did we realize the long dramatic journey we would endure.

It all started as we were driving down to Myrtle Beach airport; we were getting text messages that our flight had been delayed.

We board the plane and are about to leave. Once everything seemed fine, the pilot comes on saying that he had gotten word from air traffic control in Newark and due to an earthquake, that had occurred in New Jersey earlier that day, we may have roughly another hour delay.

A man sitting right in front of us gets furious, saying they should not have let us board the plane if they knew we would have another delay. He then got on his phone and called the airline and asked to speak to a supervisor begging for a voucher.

They told him that the plane is actually not late once the plane is boarded.

We get to Newark, get our luggage and board the Air Train to go to the rental car place, when more drama occurs.

We have to get off the Air Train and take a bus to get to the rental car place. We later found out that, due to the earthquake that occurred earlier in the day, one train had fallen off the tracks. They had elected to shut down the system as a precautionary measure to avoid further trouble.

We get our rental car and start driving north, when yet again more drama occurred.

Suddenly out of nowhere, there is a full tire loose on the highway. We hit the tire, causing our rental car to have two broken tires.

We had to pull over and were waiting several hours for Triple A to find us and tow the car to be repaired. We were lucky enough that my Dad’s brother, my Uncle Kevin, was talking with us while we were waiting and was able to come down and pick us up and take us to our hotel.

Everything turned out fine. Luckily, we were not hurt.

The cute part of the weekend occurred the next day. Cause our rental car had to get fixed, we did not have a car for the weekend. That meant we had to call my brother Bryan to come pick us up.

My brother Bryan has four children: Grady (16), Ean (14), Emmaline (12) and Declan (6). His youngest son Declan was all excited to come over and “rescue Nana, Poppy and Uncle Brendan” and take us over to his house in Westwood.  The rest of the weekend thankfully was fun and relaxing as got to spend some quality time with my niece and nephews.

On the day for us fly back home, my brother Bryan was able to drive us to go get our rental car.

We get back to Newark Airport and get all checked in and we were about to go grab lunch when there yet again was more drama, as the fire alarms were off and went on for roughly 30 minutes.

Luckily there was no emergency and it seemed it was a false alarm. We were fine. It was just annoying not knowing what was going on and what to do if anything at all. Luckily everything turned out fine.

The rest of our trip back home went smoothly. It was surely a wild crazy eventful journey.


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Brendan Connelly
Brendan Connelly, Contributing Writer
Brendan Connelly is a contributing writer for Cape Fear Voices.

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