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Beta Club Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Gives Beta Members As Much Fun As The Kids Participating
Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

During Easter time, even if some people are not religious, many people still celebrate egg hunts. Whether you hunt for the eggs or hide them, it is enjoyable, especially for small children who like to hunt for fun colorful eggs filled with candy.

Kids from many elementary schools came to participate in the Beta Club Egg Hunt. This egg hunt was an opportunity for children to enjoy finding colorful eggs in a field at Town Creek Park which started at around 5 pm. Many Beta members attended, including Senior Mia Cicatello: “I think my favorite part was hiding the eggs and watching the kids have fun,” she says.

Many Beta Club members helped fill and hide the eggs. They also enjoyed watching the children find the eggs they hid. “It was a lot of fun. I think both the little kids and big kids (Beta members) enjoy this service project,” says Beta sponsor Leah Brown.

Many Beta members had a lot of fun and it seems so did the kids, and many Beta members had the same favorite part which was seeing the kids happy and excited. “My favorite thing about the Egg Hunt was seeing the kids’ faces when they found a golden egg. Within the golden eggs were little notes that told them to go to our Outreach Coordinator, Yanisa Keck, and receive a prize. I was standing with Ms. Keck as children came to claim their prize. I do not think I have ever seen a six-year-old so happy,” states Beta Marketing Director Megan Shumaker.

The Beta Egg Hunt is a service project that many Beta Club members vote on. Typically, they enjoy the egg hunt the most. The Beta Club members strive to make the service projects fun by nature. They continue to do the Easter egg hunt in particular because it allows them to have a bit of fun and interact with the younger community.

“Some other service projects are donation drives or clean-ups, but the Egg Hunt lets us go out and do something fun for the younger kids in our community,” states Beta President Katelyn Bennion.

“Beta members vote on their service projects for each month. We ask for ideas for each month and then compile the list into a Google form and typically, the egg hunt is a hit,” says Ms. Brown.

The Beta Club members had fun but also the children seemed to have a blast. According to Mrs. Brown “When you say go, they all run so eagerly to the field to search for eggs and it’s so fun to watch.”

In all of this, Wade Batton, the younger Beta member also seemed to enjoy watching the kids find eggs, and he also just enjoyed hanging out. “It was fun, watching kids run to go get eggs. Some families also brought their dogs so that was cool. I think most people enjoyed it,” says Freshman Wade Batton.

“I believe the Beta Easter Egg Hunt was a success, we were able to help give to our community with a fun activity and plan on only improving our egg hunt as every year passes,” says Senior Angel Deras-Aldarado.

So, it seems The Beta Egg Hunt was another success for the club.


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