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Is Change Possible?

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Change is a part of human nature and our way of life. It is impossible to go through life without any change. It is important to think about the question, “Can people really change?” To understand this question, you must look into human nature, the dynamics of personal growth, and the individual factors of a person.

As a society, people are growing and changing as groups, this is called evolution. Scientifically, we evolve as we age. New age groups and new age-related situations, which means new decisions to make or new belief systems to adapt to. Now, changing isn’t as easy as evolving.

Habits, ingrained beliefs, and social pressure can create barriers to personal growth. Overcoming these obstacles requires effort, courage, and a willingness to face discomfort. You will have to unlearn old patterns and adopt new ones, usually pushing against what you formerly believed in.

Your reason to change can be just as different from you as a person. A life event, a moment of clarity, or influence from others, can spark the desire to change. But also, negative factors, like bad influences, failure, or no results, can influence a change or influence a desire to get better.

Here is what Sophomore, Gabby Okun, had to say about this. “I believe people are capable of positive change. My reason for this is that we all have struggles with our relationships, with people, or with things in general. Sometimes, we have that toxic friend who won’t stop making fun of people and their traits. Or a guy who has an addiction to vape or underage drinking. Those people can change if they are willing to make the effort and stop their ways.”

The process of change doesn’t come to everyone so simply, but it takes time and precision, marked by progress, setbacks, and moments of doubt. It demands patience, resilience, and self-compassion for a person to navigate the highs and lows of their transformation. It requires knowing oneself and embracing the imperfections because that is still a part of your growth process.

The question of whether it is possible to change as a person is not something to answer with personal experience but to take into account what change actually means. You can understand the essence of human nature, our capacity for growth, and our collective aspiration for a better world.

While change may be challenging and uncertain, it is also the essence of life itself, a dynamic journey of self-discovery, resilience, and possibility. Don’t shy away from changing because it seems too hard. Learn what goes behind change, and change for the right reasons.

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