Dear Moot, My boyfriend dumped me for another girl, but only after he cheated on me for three months, my parents won’t stop yelling at me, my little brother is driving me crazy, and I spilled cherry Kool-Aid on my new white pants.


Dear Angsty,

Oh, dear! It sounds like you need to curl up in your room with ice cream (or something else non-destructive). First of all, NEVER let anyone mis-treat you like that. If your boyfriend’s cheating on you, dump him first! He doesn’t deserve to call you his girlfriend (unless, of course, you’re cheating on him as well). Second of all, why are your parents yelling at you? Is it something you’re doing wrong? Are they having trouble at work or at home that makes them irritated? Find the source of the problem first, and then you’ll be able to fix it. According to, you can apply a glycerin solution to your Kool-Aid stain (diluted 1 part to 2 parts water), leave for about an hour to soften the stain then wash in detergent. If the stain is on white fabric and is stubborn, before it is allowed to dry, apply a peroxide solution (20 volume strength 1 part to 6 parts water) and then wash again. Hope things look up!