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Eli Manning – An Elite Man

I would like to share a story with you that our good friends Pat and Billy Barry told us many years ago. The focal characters in this story are Brynn Moynihan, a good friend of Pat and Billy’s daughter Keriann, Brynn’s mother, and former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. It shows how great a human being Eli Manning is. He is not just an athlete.

At the time, Brynn, her mother, and Eli Manning lived in an apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey, a small town where parking can be difficult.

One day, Brynn and her mother went grocery shopping. Brynn had to park the car. Brynn left the groceries on the street with her mother. Brynn told her mother to stay right there while she went to park the car. When Brynn came back roughly five minutes later, her mother is gone, and so are the groceries.

While Brynn is gone, her mother sees a young, strong man who she thought was one of her daughter’s friends walking by. The mother stops him and says, “Young man, can you help me carry up these groceries?” Of course, he said “yes,” and he even helped her put the groceries away. A few minutes later, Brynn walks back into the apartment and is in shock!

Brynn asks, “Mom, what is Eli Manning doing in our apartment?”

The mother responds, “I thought he was one of your friends. I said, “Young man can you help me carry my groceries?”

Eli Manning is much more than just an athlete. He showed great kindness to take time out of his day and not think anything of it to help the mother out. It is the kind of man he is – a loving, caring family person who puts others before himself.

I thought you would appreciate hearing a story about how a pro athlete shows his compassion and humanity. Eli is truly Elite!

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