Cape Fear Voices and Teen Scene Holds 1st Annual Writers Banquet

Cape Fear Voices and Teen Scene Holds 1st Annual Writers Banquet

Eric Mens

As always, we are so grateful to all those who make our paper interesting. We are truly blessed to have so many writers and volunteers. With out their support this would be a very different and I am sure, less interesting monthly publication.

I won’t belabor the beautiful evening, the interesting guests, the fantastic Brenda Hughes of “actTWO” who was our main
speaker, or the many awards and recognitions we made that night. I will let the pictures of the event “speak a thousand words.”

Our “Dream Team” Eric Mens, Bev Haedrich, Jan Morgan-Swegle, Gerald Decker, Debbie Channell. (Not shown Josh London – State Farm Agent and Anna Barefoot Saunders – Teacher, West Brunswick High School.)
Maryann Nunnally, Best in Memories, “Broken Arm Summer.”
Brendan Connelly, Best in Perseverance, “My Best Summer.”
Brenda Hughes, actTWO
Ana Johnson, Top Teen Writer- Cape Fear Community College
Eric Mens and Gerald Decker , The founders of Cape Fear Voices/The Teen Scene

Janet Meuwissen was also the winner for Best in Lessons Learned “Give Me A Break.


Honorable Mention writers and stories included:

Janet Stiegler , “All Living Things,

Jan Morgan-Swegle, “Another Day That Will Live in Infamy,”

Gary Gupton, “Biscuit Weaver”

Pat Dischino, “The Silent Violin”

Maryann Nunnally, “Missing Hamster”

Photos by Lon Anderson