Going out with a Bang

After a long week of fun and learning, students and staff ended the week with a dodgeball competition. Students signed up for their teams and competed against each other on Friday, October 8, 2021 during club times. Students were split up between pink, yellow, green, white, and blue teams. During the games we asked students what their favorite part of dodgeball is. Here are their responses.

Co-authored by Bella

Josie Tharp for the green team said ¨The competitiveness¨.  

Karen Feaster, a staff member said ¨The thrill of moving fast, dodging the ball and letting the other opponent think they are able to get me out¨.

Matthew Prince for the green team said “I like how it is competitive but still lots of fun.¨

After multiple competitive rounds of dodgeball and cheering from the supporters of other students and staff, the pink and yellow team made it to the semi-finals. Pink team ended up winning the semi-finals and moved towards the final round where they went against the staff of BCECHS and the SROś of our school. Pink team won the final round of dodgeball and at the end everyone got to play dodgeball for fun. What a great way to end off another great week of school with fun, teamwork, and sportsmanship.