Minecraft 1.18 Update

Keiran Daniels

Minecraft fans, it’s a great day to hear that the second part of Caves and Cliff will be released in December. We were already given Part One, including Goats, Axolots, Crystals, Spy Glasses, Geodes, Tinted glass, Copper, Lighting Rods, Powder Snow, Lush Cave, Dipstone Cave Blocks, Deepslate, and One Variants.  And, there is now a sleeping rule for java only.

When the update came out, we were quickly surprised to see that the Glow squids had come back headstrong. Mojang Studios had removed the added glow squid from the ‘Experimental Features’ toggle due to an excessive number of crashes reported by players. However, the glow squid (and its related items) were causing crashes and issues even for players that didn’t have the “Experimental Features” toggle enabled.

By far, everyone is excited about the soon-to-be-added boss, ‘The Warden.’ The snapshots show a sizeable blue monster in the caves. It was told by Mojang and Game Theory (A YouTube Channel made by MatPat) that the Warden is blind. The vines shown in the picture next to the Warden is told to move when you make too much noise.

We were also told there will be new Cave Generation changes and Deep Dark biome. Shulk Sensors are what I could only guess is the thing that lets the Warden know when the noise has been detected.

One further comment I would like to make is that for many reasons, Minecraft isn’t for everyone, Some like Call Of Duty and others like Apex. Whatever game you like, just know that you shouldn’t judge others for what they play or watch. It’s disrespectful and could reflect poorly on yourself. Personally, I’ve been bullied about the people I watch, but I didn’t care. They didn’t make me stop watching or playing Minecraft just because they found it weird. I don’t speak for anyone. This is just for me personally, but some people get bullied for it.