Oh, That Dreaded Christmas Letter

Peg Strenkowski

Oh, That Dreaded Christmas Letter

I, for one, have never said that as I have been a Christmas letter writer for 60 years.

What I dread is the card that someone thought enough to put a stamp on, send, and just sign their names.  Yes, they still think of us during the holiday. Still, I am always interested in how their past year has been and what is new in their lives, especially since these are people we have not seen in years.

Some say the letters are just bragging epistles.  I don’t agree.  I like to follow the life changes going on in their families, just as I enjoy sharing our antics and events with them.   Several relatives and friends tell us they always look forward to my letters and feel a special attachment to our family.   That makes me feel so happy.

My personal favorite yearly letter comes from someone we met when our husbands were stationed at Minot AFB, North Dakota, in 1961.  She has six kids and a sense of humor unmatched by anyone else I know.  Two years ago, when we did not get a letter, I just knew something had happened.  Her husband had a stroke, and it was January before we heard from her.  Despite the seriousness of his illness, she managed to highlight the funny times.  I’m happy to say he has recovered nicely and we look forward to this year’s letter.

In this new era of email and text messaging, it is so easy to stay in touch, but there is nothing like receiving or sending the annual Christmas letter to maintain a tradition so dear to my heart.

Merry Christmas one and all.