Time To Get Fit with Planet Fitness

Angelica Giaquinto

As the year 2021 ended and 2022 began, a new Planet Fitness opened in Shallotte where the old Lowes Food was located. Planet Fitness has a reputation for being a welcoming gym, perfect for beginners, making it a great spot for all of the people making new year’s resolutions, including several students who are now members.

“I feel some of the benefits [of the new Planet Fitness] are that it’s really big and you don’t really have to see anybody you know,” said junior Madalyne Bland. “One of my main goals is to get my mile time down and be able to do things faster, gain muscle.”

Planet Fitness is organized with stations, with a timer to limit each person so everybody has a chance to do that workout. If someone is working on their mile time, they may spend a good amount of time on the cardio machines, but strength training is also important.

“My main goal is to keep more active; what I mean when I say that is to increase in everything I do,” said junior Luke Trenovich. “To keep me in the routine everyday that I go, I have a main muscle group that I focus on.”

Many people’s fitness goals are to build muscle and improve their overall body shape.  This new gym gives a safe space and includes a “Lunk Alarm” meant to keep unwanted behaviors associated with gym hunks and “meatheads” out of their inviting workout space.

“One of the benefits is getting to be a healthier version of myself, and feel better about myself,” said sophomore Madeline Pigott. “I plan to stay in the routine by surrounding myself with people that make me feel like I can be better.”