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The Campus

There was a group of kids. They were outcast. Everybody made fun of them, so they kept to themselves. But that would all change oneday. The day someone was murdered. It was an odd day on campus. It was weirdly a lot quieter than normal , but it was also loud. You could hear everybody whispering about something. I had no clue what was going on, and then my phone lit up. ¨bing¨. ¨ NEWS WARNING someone was killed last night on campus lockwood¨! Now I knew what everybody was whispering about. I couldn’t believe it someone was murdered. I was terrified,the worst part was that they haven’t even found the killer. It could have been anybody. I started to freak out when the school officer walked up to me and said, “ Hey Alayia, I’m deputy  Mcahonahey I know you got an alert about the muurder and I wanted to ask you a few questions. Meet me in the study hall in an hour”. I didn’t say anything back, I just froze and watched him walk away. Why did he want to question me? It’s like he thought I knew something. An hour had passed and I went to the study hall and I didn’t see anybody there. All I saw was something written on the white board in red it said¨WATCH OUT YOU’RE NEXT¨. I ran out the room to report but I knew everybody would have thought it was a prank so I saved myself the trouble and kept it to myself. As days and days went on nothing really happened people were getting questioned and alibi were getting checked. It was kinda like the killer was the only person not getting questioned. This mess bothered me. I don’t know why but it did. It’s like I knew something about the murder. I didn’t but still the feeling I had was weird. I couldn’t go to sleep that night, as I layed in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about everything that has happened over the last couple of days.


As time went on nothing in the case was figured out we only knew the same details we got told about 3 weeks ago. The details were, On February the 8th someone was murder around 9 o’clock. They had stab wounds and were left there to bleed out to death. The fact that there were no leads in the case made me want to do some investigation myself so that’s what I did. The first thing I did was question everybody that hasn’t been questioned. They were no help except, The outcast they gave me a whole bunch more information. But little did I know that the information I got was gonna get someone in a lot of trouble. When I questioned the outcast they seemed weird about the situation. I asked them what they knew about the situation and they went into detail. ¨We know that around 9pm the night of the murdered happen they were statbbed to death 30 TIMES!! When the killer walked away the laughed and mumbled under their breath there not the only one.¨ Now that I know that information it’s like a whole new world opens up. I went to the police station and told them everything. It’s like they had no idea what I was talking about  except the police Chief. Somehow he already knew what I was there for. It gave me this uneasy feeling,it was like I was bothering him that I told.


After I went to the police station the police Chief came to my house a couple days later and said ¨If I don’t keep my mouth shut there would be consequences for my actions¨. As he walked away he laughed and mumbled under his breath ¨you’re not the only one¨. I knew who the murderer was now. All I had to do was build a case against the police Chief. That was gonna be hard no one was gonna believe it made it worse because I was coming for the police chief job. As days and  days went on I was still left with nothing, and then BOOM the idea hit. I would ask the police chief for a meeting and record it all. So 3 days passed and I asked the police chief for a meeting and he agreed. As were talking he out of nowhere says ¨you need to keep your mouth shut, I know you know that I the mureder and I know you want to take me down so i’ll pay you to keep your mouth shut¨ I told him I didn’t want the money and I walked out I anonymously sent in the voice recording. And a couple days later a repot came out saying we caught the murders of the murder on camp lockwood and the pictures were of the outcast. I knew that wasn’t right and I wanted the police chief gone. He needed to pay for his actions. I tried everything in my power to get him gone and nothing worked. I guess I had to deal with the fact that people who had nothing to do with this were paying for time. That the police chief needed to pay for.

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