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School Advice

It’s easily said; middle school is difficult. It becomes overwhelming from the work, the students, the teachers, and more. But today, I wanted to bring a few good tips that might help a future middle schooler.

One main thing is to not stress so much during sixth grade; yes, I think you need to make good grades but don’t try to become a burnout by seventh grade.

Be prepared for bullying. Get to know your counselors; most are here to help with these kinds of problems and know how to deal with them; knowing your vice principals or just a trusted adult will go a long way.

One main thing for us eighth-graders to pass along to sixth graders is to not be disrespectful to the teachers or us. Eighth graders may be leaving soon, but they have a lot to worry about.

I think my last word of advice is to just make memories. It’s hard now during the pandemic, but I can say for certain we have had some great memories in my years at this school.

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