The Life Of A Cat

Lily Rae Bradley

As I woke up on the fluffy floor blanket I stretched and wandered around in search of what these humanoids call ‘food’. Jumping up onto the counter I batted open a wooden box and the side-lid flew open. Ducking just in time, I jumped up onto the first level of the box and dug through the bags of greasy, flat potatoes and cans of food. Finding a small thin pack of fish, I slitted it open and quickly ate the food, jumping down from the wooden box.

I headed to the advanced creation of a tree stump and ‘accidentally’ knocked some colorful vases to the ground, the water and the flowers flowing free. Padding over to the cat door I leaped out into the wilderness fluffing my fur of the brisk shower of chill. I hunted and caused mischief all after noon until one of the human creatures called me back in. Curling onto the furry floor blanket I dozed off to sleep in this crazy, strange human world.