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5 stars for Starbies

Jump on the Starbucks train already, it’s time to cave. Starbucks is renowned for quick service and a friendly environment–the perfect spot to drive through for a quick bite, hang out with friends, or study. I think most people sit in there because it is a pretty quiet place where there aren’t a lot of people, and who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? I’ve always had a love for coffee, especially iced drinks, and Starbucks is always my go-to place if I want iced coffee or just something refreshing to drink. Below I’m going to list my two favorite drink items and my two favorite food items from Starbucks.


Iced White Mocha

  • The iced white mocha from Starbucks is one of my TOP favorite drinks because it is the perfect blend of coffee, sweeteners/flavor, and cream. It is also topped off with yummy whipped cream. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra, I will add caramel drizzle and replace the whipped cream with sweet cream cold foam. It is pretty pricey for a drink, but I think it’s worth it simply because it is a delicious choice if you want a sweet coffee.


Pink Drink

  • My second drink choice is the Pink Drink; it is made with coconut milk and passionfruit juice with strawberry inclusions. It is a good option for you if you are not a big coffee person. The Pink Drink is a good, refreshing drink whenever you are craving something cold and sweet.


Banana Walnut & Pecan Loaf

  • Banana nut bread has always been one of my fav sweet breakfast options. Starbucks also gives you the option to heat it up. It has a good texture, great flavor and it is the perfect type of moist. I highly recommend you try it from Starbucks one day because it is the perfect size for a snack or either a small breakfast item.


Impossible Breakfast Sandwich

  • I literally didn’t even know this sandwich had plant-based sausage–that’s how good it is. The Impossible sandwich is made up of plant-based sausage, egg, and cheese on a soft, artisan sesame ciabatta bun. I am not vegetarian, but this sandwich is very delicious.
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