Don’t Run Away

Aurora Bennett, 9th Grader at BCECHS


“Where do you think you’re going?”

The sound of footsteps echoed around the room. I saw the black shoes of the man that took me… The man that beat me and broke both my ankles to ‘prevent me from running.’

“Are you trying to run?”

I desperately claw at the ground, trying to get away.

“Not like you could even run, with your legs and all.”

“G-get away from me!” I stammer out.

I’m slowly getting closer to the door. Closer to Freedom.


An ear-piercing shriek could be heard throughout the room.

I looked at my arm, my face paling. The arm was bent way too far back. Pain soon searing through my arm.

“I don’t think it should be bent that way,” I thought to myself.

“Maybe that would teach you not to run.”

I stare up at them, eyes wide. They wore a malicious grin, looking down at me.

“Maybe I should do more? That’ll really teach you.” He said with an unflattering grin.

My screams could be heard for hours. Not like anyone was around to hear it.