I Am Here Today Because of Them

Alise White graduated from Webster University in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2001 with a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration. During that time, she was also a customer service manager (CSM) at Walmart, located in Shallotte, NC. Working overnight at Walmart allowed her to volunteer at South Brunswick Middle School, where she got her inspiration from the assistant principal there. 


Alise White didn’t start out as a teacher. It all started when she was volunteering at SBMS, where her kids attended. After volunteering at the school for a while, the assistant principal informed Ms. White that there was a job opening at North Brunswick High School. Ms. White went for it, got the job, and her teaching career began in March of 2005. 


While teaching, Ms. White was able to work closely with teenagers and said “it was a great experience, which was the polar opposite of what some people predicted my experience would be like.” Ms. White’s classrooms were packed with students who wanted to be appreciated, loved, and respected while learning skills that would help them succeed in life. In 2006, two new schools were being built, Brunswick Academy and Brunswick Early College. Ms. White applied for a job at Brunswick Early College as an AVID teacher, got offered the position, and was “a part of the founding team of eight dedicated individuals who worked to create the Brunswick County Early College.”


Ms. White strives to help all of her students become successful through teaching things such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, metacognitive strategies, and vocabulary building. Most importantly she teaches them the 21st Century Skills that they need to be amazing and effective members of society.


Unlike the other teachers at ECHS, all Freshman have Ms. White as a teacher and some say that is why the majority of the students become so successful in life. Ms. White’s goal as a teacher is “to give students something of value that they could use throughout their lives. In my classroom I teach a variety of skill sets that include soft skills.” Ms. White teaches students about having a positive attitude, being able to communicate effectively, time management and planner use, and organization to help students become successful in their time here at BCECHS and in their future career. 

Ms. White’s goal for her students is “for them to become functional adults, I want them to know how to seek out and utilize resources, use technology effectively, know how to overcome challenges while being able to think critically and to solve problems judiciously.” 


Ms. White’s dream is “to be a woman of integrity who exhibits sound character, the ability to laugh at herself while maintaining the humility needed to apologize and say “I was wrong” when needed.” Ms. White works to be as honest, faithful, and fair to those she meets. “I have found that being kind and respectful is always the best course even when the situation provokes highly negative feelings. If I can measure up to the strict standards, I have for myself (mostly, hey, no one is perfect) then I will feel that I am living my dream life.”


Did You Know?

Did you know Ms. White had a Spanish class with Santita Jackson, the daughter of Jesse Jackson? While attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. she met Patrick Ewing as well. His sister was Ms. White’s roommate in her sophomore year at Howard. Later, Patrick Ewing was drafted into the NBA.