Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of [Joy]

Serena Gardner, 13th Grader at BCECHS

I used to say that I wanted to grow up 

To turn 18, to lose these shackles off my feet

So I could run free

T’was the fantasy

Today, I need to rephrase this saying

When life passes you by

You will still have the shackles clinging to your ankles

Holding the bag and more survival duties

Are worse than playing with toys all day


But it is time to grow up!

Learn to make life choices for yourself 

To pursue the joyful life you want

It is time to get on your feet!

Rise to your own standards 

To own authority of your own expectations

Gain more knowledge of your dream virtue!

For stability and guaranteed wealth


Don’t be scared to grow up!

Because you have to get there 

It is okay to cry but you have to jump

And say you did it with no despair

You have to prepare now 

If not, the shackles will get heavier

“But how will you get out?”

“Out of those shackles.”, said the carrier

Those will never come off 

They will only get lighter

Only with life, liberty, then the pursuit of joy!