Lariyah Dansbury, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Lariyah Dansberry

The rush of realization hit almost instantaneously; water floods my senses. I struggle under the pressure but soon got tired of moving and struggling against the water and the pressure from the water got even more intense on my lungs. The light of the world soon leaves my field of vision. Then I close my eyes exhausted from trying to fight against it. I hear screaming and the splash of water near me but soon I can no longer hear anything but the

whispers of the ocean and the faint sound of my heartbeat.


The darkness lingers for a while then soon leaves when I feel a tug on my arm lifting me up into the light and then air instantly rushes back into my lungs. I cough up the rest of the remaining water and sit up looking up at the figure with blurry eyes.