Clear Skies

Clear Skies

Charlie Sedbrook, 7th Grade Leland Middle School


I was a young girl when I noticed something was wrong with me. I have the ability to do things others cannot. Sometimes I wonder, why? I’m turning 14 in 3 days, and my parents are sending me off to go “volunteer” on a cargo ship. They say it’s because they are going on a vacation and they don’t want me to be at home alone, but really, it’s because of my anger management. I overheard them on the phone. 


I’m not a bad kid; I just have had a bad temper ever since my dad passed away. He was a marine biologist, and from what my mom told me, he drowned right on the equator in the Pacific Ocean. I have a hard time with his death as any normal person would, but I have such a problem because he was the only one who knew. The only one who knew about my..well, problems. Should I tell my mom about the GBM? Yes, but do I want to? No. I would rather keep my problems inside; my mom would totally freak out if she knew. 

I leave to go on the ship in two days. In my opinion, I cannot believe my parents are sending me off right before my birthday. How rude! The smart thing to do would be to start packing, but what I want to do is go swimming. My house is a five-minute walk to the beach, so really, I can go anytime. It helps me calm down.

 About 10 minutes later, I walked down the steps coming off the little bridge built to go onto the beach over the doons. I walked past the crowds, didn’t stop to put a towel down, didn’t stop at all. I just walked straight to the water. I put my hands right above the water. No one was near me. No one was really in the water because it was supposedly “freezing.” The water around my hands started circling. I saw a bright blue shining light underwater. The water rose and rushed into my hands. The water flew back, and an opening in the ocean opened up. The sand started moving and formed stairs, going down to a door made out of shells that gathered up together. 

I walked down slowly, making sure no one saw. I was pretty far out, so no one noticed. I open the shell door and swim inside. This brings me to the Ningaloo Coast reef when I do this. My favorite place. My dad brought me here a few weeks before he died. We went scuba diving in this exact spot. We made a “spot” out of shells, coral, and sticks we found around the bay. I like to swim over there and sit. 

I don’t need to go up for air, and I don’t need to worry at all. This is my problem, and I can control the water.