Multiverse of Madness – A Review



Arwen Lyonesse and P.J. Brown

Arwen Lyonesse

For what the movie should have been, it was not good. The biggest issue with this movie was the severely underdeveloped main character that drives the plot. They were thrown into the background and had little screen time, yet they were the reason for the conflict in the first place. This was because there wasn’t enough time for detailed introductions. The “plot driver” deserved their own movie to come out before this. 

This being said, you don’t exit the theater excited to see the next movie. Marvel’s iconic end credit scenes typically enhance this feeling, but these were lacking. Very little is connected to other marvel movies, you almost don’t need to see any of the others to understand. 

While the acting from Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Cumberbatch and many other actors was excellent, some casting choices felt as though they spent little thought and time deciding on them. 

This movie can be enjoyed by many, but if you’re someone who likes the MCU for its timelines, “wow” factors, and mind-blowing connections – we regret to inform you, but you might be dissatisfied.