The Fright


Marissa Smith, 7th Grade Leland Middle School


One night I woke up to a sudden crash that sounded like it came from outside my window. I was confused at first but I sat up and kept my blanket over my shoulders as I put my feet on the cold wooden floor to stand up to look outside my window. As I started to peek through my blinds to look outside, I saw a dark and tall figure running away from my window to hide behind a tree about 5 feet away from my house. I could feel my heart starting to beat out of my chest with nervousness because of what I had just seen.


I started to put on my bedroom slippers to go outside and see what the figure was but all of a sudden as I was going downstairs, I saw the door fly open. I figured it was from a large gust of wind but then I remembered I had locked the door before I went to sleep that night. It was when I started to go outside that I saw the object running into the woods behind my house. I started chasing it into the woods but when I started to get deeper and deeper into the woods, the figure started to disappear into the distance.


Once the figure was fully diminished, I turned in circles looking for the object and waiting for it to appear again. I began to walk home and gave up on finding whatever it was that was in my backyard. When I got inside, I took my slippers off and climbed into bed, got comfortable, and snuggled into my warm blanket. The second I lay my head down and closed my eyes, I opened my eyes to the sun beaming onto my face and into my eyes. 


I put my feet down to put my slippers on but they were across my room. I remembered taking them off next to my bed last night. But now I am wondering, was it all a dream? Was I hallucinating? Did the object come into my room somehow and move them? I might never know what really happened that night, but I will forever remember it.