Inspiration Within the Horse


Charlie S., 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Sometimes, some people need some love in their lives. Not romance, I mean connection. Like Person to dog, or person to horse even. Horses may seem like huge animals who are scary and frightening. But really, they are like you; very similar actually.

Every person has something missing to them, and horses have a human waiting for them. The perfect match perhaps. Some horses, though, are so hurt inside from damage in the past, they are scared to carry on, like lots of humans. But you have to listen to them. Tell them, “it’s just me and you.” and “I promise I won’t hurt you.” Make them feel safe. Just like you would want to feel.

If you ask me, Riding is my way of flying free, you don’t need wings to fly, you need passion, hope, balance, strength, a soul mate… a horse. You know, I write stories all the time because it’s my therapy, it makes me feel like I can express myself and riding is exactly the same for me. Most people love riding because it’s therapeutic, the animal listens, and will never turn on your back.

I ride horses at Clover Leaf Ranch, with my amazing Coach, Alex.  Alex has a passion for horses, she and the animal are connected. Alex doesn’t just “help” kids learn to ride, she teaches them self-growth, discovering strengths no one knew they had, balance, skill, and precision. Alex loves teaching because of the “Lightbulb” moment when a rider figures out how to do something correctly, as she stated “when the pieces of the puzzle come together to make the big picture, “turning nothing into something beautiful”. 

Recently I was at a rodeo for western riding, thanks to Natalie, the owner of the ranch. You can find her at Turnandburnfarm on most social media sites, I suggest google. 

At this rodeo, I saw beyond just riding a horse. I saw commitment, power, and love. 

I met Julianne, a 17-year-old, She was so inspiring. She has been riding for 12 years, on a horse with 1 eye. And that’s not the only part, Her whole family is deaf, including her. She taught that horse, Skeeter, all on her own, and she rode him like a champ. She rides horses because it’s her therapy. Julianne had her first competition that day I met her. She Told me It takes practice to be a good rider. And even though Julianne may not have a voice, she has a huge heart full of love, passion, and so much strength from where she came from to here now. She was an absolutely amazing rider, and I hope to see her at one of our competitions.

Let’s talk About Mckenzie, a 13-year-old girl who loves to go fast, and has been riding her whole life. Today she was riding one furious horse, though she has a lot of skill. She managed to stay on her horse, Knicks, the name fits. Knicks ran some good rounds. He is a fast horse, fit for Mckenzie, a fast lover. Mckenzie used lots of balance to stay up on him when he was getting rowdy. Great job!

Horses aren’t just some huge creatures who are scary and mean, they are friends, family per se.