It Takes More Than One 

Margie Steve, Shallotte

Teen Scene Freelance Writer, Senior, BC ECHS

It seems for the past couple of years our world has been through tough times. We have received news, calls, and witnessed events with our own eyes, pandemics, changes, and nightmares that have become a reality for some. Some are more severe than others, some have affected friends, family, our country, or even multiple countries, and some just personally. When these times come, what do we do? Do we just sit and mourn, do we stop living, do we take it out on everybody, do we sit in silence, or do we do something? Words can’t be explained often in these situations, but actions speak louder. 

Many countries including the United States have been supporting Ukraine against Russia and the tragedy that is happening. What would we do if our comfort place called home got destroyed, schools in rubles, smoke in the air from the constant bombing, etc? What would parents do knowing that their children are seeing what is happening around them and running for their life when they should be playing with toys? Children aren’t supposed to see and live through bombings, shootings, and just violence in general. They should be playing in the fields, learning, and coming home to their families with a meal to end their day. 

It is time for a change, a call to action. Our world has dramatically changed: pandemics, increase in violence, increase in horrific accidents, etc. It seems like the people who want the change are the people who don’t have the authority to make that change, but the ones who do, don’t seem to care to make a change. We as the people in the communities try to do our best to advocate for that change and that is what happened here in Brunswick County, North Carolina. 

On June 2, 2022, a Ukrainian Prayer Vigil took place at Mulberry Park in Shallotte, NC. Volunteers gathered to help set up. Teens including myself, young adults, and others helped make this event honorable for Ukraine, and those affected by their loved ones. Many speakers such as Eric Terashima, Rett Newton, pastors from local churches, Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov, and others gave speeches, ceremonies, and prayers for Ukraine. People from the community gathered to come as a whole to pray as prayer is more powerful when there is more than one person.

During this event, 4 special guests attended. Although they didn’t want their names to be published, they announced that all four of them are from Ukraine. They are currently staying with a family here and it was such a blessing to have them at the event.


The 4 special guests from Ukraine 

On Thursday, June 9, 2022, from 7:00-8:00 pm, there was a Labyrinth walk at Seaside United Methodist Church. The walk was honored for gun violence in the United States, mainly advocating for the tragedies that happened in Uvalde and Buffalo. Thank you to those who came out and supported both of these

events. If you would like to donate to Ukraine there is a QR code that will bring you to a link, scroll down to the bottom and click “Give to Ukraine”



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