What Defines Time?

What Defines Time?

Kaitlyn Cooper, 11th Grader at BCECHS

Is it the seconds on the clock or the minutes that pass?

Is it the days on the calendar or the moments that never last?

Is it the heartbreak we deal with or the smiles we flash?

Is it the smell of home-cooked meals or the boring long days in class?


What defines time? 

Is it the first date or the long life ahead?

Is it the sick days with mom giving you meds?

Is it the early mornings with dry toasted bread?


What defines time? 

Is it the summer we long for or the cheeks our loved ones have kissed?

Is it the tears we cry or the lovers we miss?


What defines time? 

Between you and I?

Between the sun and moon?

Between the Earth and space? 


What defines time?

Time is the moments we share and the long nights of despair.

Time is full of memories and luxuries.

Time is never slowing its always there.


So, tell me what defines time?