Malia Flaverney, Leland Middle School

Christian White

The winds gracefully blew mother nature peacefully.


The runt fig sapling struggled to hold on against the winds.


The other saplings started to make fun of the runt sapling and how it bends.


The runt sapling waited and waited for months.


The runt saplings stem started to grow a few bumps.


The bumps transformed into twigs.


The twigs transformed into figs.


The fig tree grew and grew till it was the most beautiful of all.


The fig trees were shocked how great the tree evolved.


The fig tree had the best picnic view.


The tree was so big and new.


The other trees apologized for all those years.


The fig tree understood their grief and tears.


The fig tree soon went on with life.


The fig tree and the others grew old and weren’t such a pretty sight.


The fig trees lived there last days together.


And they hoped they’d be together again forever.