Rodeo Sneak Out


Charlie Sedbrook , 8th Grade Leland Middle School

“Dad, come on, I really want to go,” I say. “Jaycee, I’ve told you time and time again, you’re not going to do anything that involves horses!” Dad replies, with a tone. I blink my eyes and I can feel them get glossy, till I feel a tear come out the corner of my eye. I ran out the door and didn’t even take my time to go down the few stairs, I jumped down them. I ran, I ran as fast as I could to the empty barn that’s a little further back on our property. I slam myself down on the ground of the barn, breathing heavily with tears sliding down my face. I dream of this place every night, but in my dreams, it’s not empty. We bought our house 7 months ago, and it came with this barn. Dad wants to take it down, but I refuse to let him. My mom died 8 years ago when she was at a horse show. While riding, a drunk driver swerved off the road and into the arena she was in, and she and her horse died that day. I was six when this happened, and I go through the pain of watching it happen every day. 

Ever since that day, Dad won’t allow me near horses. I tell him every day it’s not the horse’s fault and that I want to ride and have a life of my own as my mom did. I felt a buzzing coming from my back pocket. It’s my phone, and if it’s my dad I am not answering. It’s Laina, my best friend, and rodeo buddy, but Dad doesn’t know that because he doesn’t know she rides horses too. “Hey, Laina!” I say, “Jaycee, I got my brother to come to get you tomorrow night, you can come to the rodeo with me!” she says. “How do you expect me to do that, you know how my dad is he would never let me near a rodeo,” I respond. “Just tell him, since he won’t let you go to the rodeo, can you at least come to sleepover at my house? It’s easy and he had said yes before. We can haul two of the horses and you can ride around with me!” She says. “Listen, I’ll try but I’m not sure…call you later,” I say and hang up. I get up and start my walk back to the house.

“Dad?” “What Jaycee.” “Since you won’t take me to the rodeo, can I please just go sleepover at Laina’s tomorrow?” I said while crossing my fingers. “I’m not taking you, I am busy,” he said. “Her brother will come to get me. Please Dad.” He sat silent for a minute but then nodded. I smiled and speed walked towards my room to pack a bag. 

“JAYCEE!!” I hear outside my window, as a car horn honking. I ran down the stairs and ran into the truck. “Hey Laina, thanks for the ride Dalton,” I said out of breath. “Are you excited?” Laina asked. “More than you know!” I say.

It’s been a couple of hours and we made it to the rodeo grounds, me and Laina are just wandering around on the horses. I saw a big white truck pull in, I had to take a second look. “Jaycee, isn’t that your dad’s truck?” Laina says as I dismount from the horse. A man hops out, “Jaycee, what are you doing here and on that horse? I told you no.” My dad said. But before I could say anything, he hugged me. I could hear him start to cry a little. “You look just like your mom,” he said. I didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry Jaycee. I should have never kept you from the thing you love most.” He whispered. I look up at him, “It’s okay Dad.” I say.