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The Magic Scarf

Photo by sincerely-media on Unsplash
My magic scarf traveled near and far…


It’s at least ten years. The origin of the scarf escapes my memory. Was it Belk’s? Was it a gift?  Was it a consignment find? Hmmm. Does it matter?

Hell no. The scarf is magical. I look back at the photos and the happiest ones include the scarf.  The scarf wraps my neck in confidence. The photo is in Krakow, Poland. The destination — the underground salt mines.  I suffer from panic attacks in closed spaces. An “escape room” would be my ultimate nemesis.  So,  going underground for miles and miles is a journey far removed from my bucket list.

But my cousin Cindy and I ventured down into the mines through thousands of steps and elevators to achieve our goal. Our grandparents were from Krakow, Poland and we were finally here. I clutched that eyelet scarf tightly around my neck. My fingers played with the embellishments as I tried to calm my nerves.

After an interminable amount of time, I did it. We were at ground zero, looking at the amazing salt figures and the illumination of lights. It was a surprisingly fulfilling accomplishment. I had conquered my fear by wearing my amulet of a scarf.   A further monumental experience — a Christmas Eve solo at Christmas Mass full of closet Catholics. I did it with my magic scarf wrapped loosely around my neck. A solo performance of “What Child Is This” was the assignment. I tried not to think of the great Josh Groban’s rendition of this classic tune as I sang the carol with as much heart and skill as possible.

Magic scarf was not just a seasonal piece. All four seasons here in North Carolina included the magic scarf performing at various karaoke venues.   The scarf wrapped Cindy’s husband who had total dementia in a vise grip with a rendition of the 80’s pop tune by the Romantics “That’s What I Like About You.”

And, of course, the audience constantly requested a “Mictoria” performance with the scarf. The classic Rolling Stones hit “Jumping Jack Flash” was the all-time favorite. The scarf pranced and prowled and snapped and twirled in this interactive karaoke performance. The finale of the song included a classic Edwardian bow to the audience, cascading from the neck to the floor in a series of flourishes rocked by thunderous applause (as well as some laughter) from the audience.

Such a self-deprecating scarf.

It released a kaleidoscope of emotions — energy, joy, pleasure, fun, a little anxiety, contentment, freedom, a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Magic scarf is eternal. It can be washed carefully. It will continue to bring smiles to faces; it will live beyond my years. It will have a new owner someday with new adventures. It might be an elixir for love; it might be a guide to a new place; it might be a comfort to a sick soul.

It might venture into a cloud someday making its way to a new destination — maybe even wrapping itself around an angel’s wing….





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    RaquelNov 14, 2023 at 10:59 am

    I liked this very much! You write very well! Raquel