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Life After

Dan Dodge


Is there a life after cancer? Sure there is!

Before cancer stealthily entered my life, I saw others go through this disease and often wondered how would MY life be after treatments. Would I be this sick forever? When would the stomach tube come out? Would I be able to walk and shop and eat whatever I wanted without being exhausted?  I had cancer on the back of my tongue. It was quiet, it was waiting and but it was conquered. Praise God for the medical doctors, the nurses and the machines and medications that saved my life. I must commend the professionalism of the medical teams working with me. Their bedside manner was very present and I absolutely appreciated it. But I digress . . . .

Life after cancer? I am different, yes. I see things through eyes that have learned to be grateful for every day . . . every minute. I feel less stress regarding the small, annoying things in life that once
irritated me for hours . . . or days. My outlook has changed toward everyone I meet and especially anyone who has cancer and came out victorious (or are still on the journey through).

I have an increased sense of empathy and understanding for anyone who is dealing with cancer. There are many more vicious cancers I know . . . .but when it is happening to you, it is everything and more.

I would lie in bed, wanting to clean up the house from top to bottom or read all day or even watch “Law and Order” on the TV. But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. I was angry at myself and this vile, unpleasant invader I had to deal with. But the sun still shone, the night came as usual and the cats still rambled around the house. I learned to rest and think and ponder about my life and my faith.

When I felt a breath of fresh strength, I would rock on the front porch; watching the cars speed by on the highway across from the house. I would look at how beautiful the trees were at that time; especially the mimosa from my dad’s yard. It was late summer and the air was warm but that was what I needed now—warmth, visions of beauty, a hopeful feeling in my soul.

And it was there.  I’m over a year out now. I have energy; still cancer free. I am happy and grateful and working every day. I like the person I have become. I like my view of life. Everything sparkles and shines.

Yes, my friends. There IS life after cancer.

Editor’s Note: Lisa is a new writer for Cape Fear Voices, we welcome her to the team. 
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