Writer’s Block


Lily Rae B., Freelance writer

I sit here, waiting, staring at this empty screen. I had so many ideas and hitches until this point. Until I open the computer and click on the docs. Only to this point, I will stare at the same white screen, as if there is a large wall blocking my path to my imagination. And so, I sit here, just staring, fidgeting with my fingers, typing a letter but then deleting it.

Over and over and over again. I think back to dreams or memories, but none seem too good to write about. Nothing seems too good to explain.

Nothing seems to be good for adventure. Nothing.

So, I stare at the empty screen again. Eyes drooping, mind shutting down. Until the screen is white no more. It is black.

I wake up, my eyes gazing around, my curiosity feasting on every little thing here.
Soon I won’t be interested. I act as if it will disappear at any moment. But it doesn’t.

Soon my hunger for knowledge dies away as I stare out at the empty, black room.
But a speckle of something pops out of the blue. A burst of light dashes around, as if it is leading me somewhere. So, I chase it.  Until it leads me to a large brick wall.
I furrow my brow and walk up to the wall, the iridescent spark levitating beside me.

I rest my hands on the wall. It is cold and rough. The bricks scratch my palms.
I push on the wall, with much force, but it doesn’t seem to budge. I groan and anger starts to swell inside me. With fury I run back and dash forward, smashing the wall with my side. But it doesn’t leave a mark!

“What is wrong with you?!” I groan as if the wall could answer me.
And. It. Did.

“What is wrong with you! You’re the one trying to knock me down!” It replied simply.

“Well, I wish to get past!” I retort, the fact of the wall talking to me just now kicking in.

“What if you’re not meant to get past? Huh? What about that?” It snapped.

“What?” I ask, looking up at the source of the noise. “But this fairy thing led me here, so of course, I’m supposed to get past!” I point my thumb at the floating spark beside me.

“Oh… Silly, silly, silly. I can not believe you trusted such a creature!” It exclaimed.

I glanced sideways, confused, and studied the hovering orb. It just drifted there, unresponsive.

“What in heaven’s name do you mean? That thing is perfectly fine! You’re the one who’s blocking my way, not it!”

“Hmm… Have you ever heard of writer’s block?” It asked. “Yes.” I nodded.

“Then you must know that I’m not the obvious. You’re just following your obstruction. The farther you go with it, the harder it will be to find a way out. I suggest you go.”

It speaks. I stare for a moment, my mind flaring with questions. I eye the orb once more and turn around, back the way I came. I headed in the opposite direction where the orb led me. It vibrates as if it wants me to turn back. I shake my head and keep walking, but it tries to stop me. I walk around it and I see something ahead of me. Like a bright, glistening light, calling for my imagination. I start to race forwards, faster and faster, as to where the orb can’t keep up.

Suddenly everything starts to slow down into slow motion, and I notice I am leaping, almost touching the glowing light. Before I know it my brain flashes with images and ideas, almost like a dream. My head jolts up. It seems that it was just a dream… But imagination and ideas spiral throughout my head, and I smile and turn to the blank computer screen. Flexing my fingers, I start to write.