Intercultural Festival

Intercultural Festival

Karleigh Quinn




Teen Freelance Writer (Karleigh Quinn)

(Story by Karleigh Quinn, 11th grader at BCECHS, Pictures by Samantha Becker, 11th grader at BCECHS)


On November 5th, 2022, Brunswick county’s 15th annual intercultural festival was held at Odelle Williamson Auditorium. Every year, this celebration has done a great job of recognizing and displaying the importance and beauty of different cultures. Through food, dancing, social events, and art, each culture was displayed in a respectable and informational way. This festival was free to the public, and invited people of all ages to attend. There was henna, food trucks, and entertainment such as belly dancing. The event was five hours long (11 am to 4 pm) and began with the parade of nations.  

This event also led to a lot of student volunteer opportunities. There were a lot of jobs for students to aid with, from helping people navigate the event, to sharing different facts on culture and geography. When speaking to David Utz, who is the student volunteer director and vice president of the schools international club, it was apparent how much work went into this event. When asked what people who were unable to attend the event should know, he expressed that “There were a lot of musical and dance performances, from an impressive variety of cultures. The artwork for the event was really good. Plus meeting people from other countries (and cultures) is always fun.”  Overall this event gave everyone an amazing opportunity to experience other cultures through a variety of activities.