Michael Hawkins, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Michael Hawkins, III

                      I know that everybody does not have someone to account on but everyone has a friend.

                     Whether it be a friend from school, an online friend, or a pen pal from another country

                              Friends are meant to be a support beam when life puts pressure on you

                                                 The best thing a friend can do is just be nice

                                                                 And that’s usually the truth

                                  Lots of different friends show their emotions in different ways

                                           Some are gift-givers; some are verbally supportive, 

                                   And some just like giving affection through hugs and high-fives

                                    But all friends care about each other, and that doesn’t change

                          Some grow apart, some move to a different place, or just get more friends

                      But that does not change the fact that that friend made a difference in your life

                                                        My friends may not describe yours but

                                                                  Friends are good for you