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A New School Year Begins

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This summer break was pretty eventful. It especially led up to new achievements and let my mind wander to the thought of the exciting new school year that I’ll be coming upon. I’m happy to say that I expect high school to be even more eventful than middle school was for me, to offer me good opportunities and positive changes in my life. Of course, like all high school life, there’s gonna be bad moments, but that’s not really something I can prevent. 

This upcoming year is especially exciting to me because I feel like high school is a bit more relaxed than middle school and people, like teachers, treat you much more maturely and grown up there. High school, to me, seems to give more freedom than middle school and you have more independence, which I’m looking forward to. 

I feel like I’m gonna make some more new friends since there will be kids coming from other middle schools here, which is even more interesting because I generally like to meet new people (It just depends on how I feel in the moment, I guess.). I feel like high school is a big change as well because in high school, as you get older, you become more grown up, which means getting jobs and learning to drive and all that independent, grown-up sorta stuff. High school is basically preparing you to go off on your own and make your own life, which is just so cool to me.

I feel like a lot of people are scared to go into high school because they are worried about all the new changes and risks they are going to have to face, especially being faced with responsibility and such, and meeting new people. Personally, I don’t have those fears, so it’s hard for me to understand, but I can see why somebody wouldn’t necessarily be ready yet.

A few goals I have in mind for my freshman year of high school would be to meet a bunch of new people and make new friends and kinda do more independent things. I want to improve my skills as an artist and I do hope my skills as a writer grow with me. I want to continue to learn more Japanese and practice more ice skating when I have the chance. 

One major goal for me for my freshman year to do with the school would be improving my understanding of math because I feel like I can struggle with math sometimes, and I think it would be better for me to practice math a little more and really get to know the concepts. Maybe study with my friends.

Overall, I feel like this upcoming school year is really important and not like any other because I’m about to get a lot more responsibility and independence in my life, and I feel like I’m ready to take that step.

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Lily Rae Bradley, Freelance writer
Lily Rae Bradley is a student at North Brunswick High School and a Freelance Writer for the Teen Scene.

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