Around Town

Nancy Freyberg, a Leland resident, has started a Foundation in memory of her dog, Buddy Gene.  She has also written a book entitled, “Messages From Buddy Gene.”  Nancy took Buddy in to her home after she witnessed him being thrown out of a moving vehicle onto the highway just because he was old.

The mission of Buddy’s Foundation is, “To make a difference in the lives of senior animals who have been surrendered, discarded, neglected or mistreated and to educate the public with opportunities available to help in this regard.”

Nancy has a moving story and an important mission.  She collaborates with an area “no kill” dog rescue shelter by providing food and helping to find volunteers.   If you would be interested in fostering an older dog, adopting or just spending an hour taking a dog for a walk in the park, please contact Nancy at [email protected].

Nancy is available to share her story of  how Buddy changed her life and left a legacy of help, so if you are having an event and need a powerful speaker, please consider Nancy.  To find out more about the Buddy Gene Foundation, go to and find out how you can help.   A list of her upcoming local engagements will be published in this section.