Veterans, Claim Your Benefits

Gary Crowden , Brunswick County Veterans Coalition


It has been said only 35% of the military veterans within the boundaries of North Carolina have claimed the financial benefits they earned due to their military service.

The Department of Veteran Affairs currently provides ratings to veterans with service-connected injuries or diseases from 0 to 100%.  These ratings translate to tax-free benefits ranging from $152 to $3,952 per month or $1,824 to $47,424 annually.  If you are a veteran, it behooves you to seek out a veteran service officer to assist in filing a claim.

Many veteran organizations such as the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Vietnam Veterans of America have service officers who can assist in filing claims or provide information on where to seek help.  Some counties within North Carolina have certified service officers who can review your records and file a claim on your behalf.  This is a free service!

Within Brunswick County, an office provides Brunswick County veterans with the help they need to file a claim.  Call and make an appointment.  The number is (910) 253-2233.  Make sure you bring your medical records and DD Form 214.