Ghost Lover

Jessica Gomez-Espinal, 10th Grade, BECHS

I get home from work, and I’m exhausted. I take off my shoes and lock the door. As I head to the kitchen, I hear a drawer open.

“Oh, I guess Emma’s home,” I think to myself, starting to walk to the kitchen thinking about what food Emma must be making.

When I get to the kitchen, no one is there but an open drawer. Before I can get another thought in, I hear keys jiggling, and Emma enters the apartment. 

“Hey Estrella, I’m home! I forgot to tell you that today I would be home earlier than usual!” Emma yelled out. 

I close the drawer as Emma walks into the kitchen, “That wasn’t you that opened the drawer?” I asked.

“No, why would it be me? I just got home.”

“I thought that you were already home making food. When I got home, the drawer just opened.”

“Do you think it’s the ghost trying to get your attention? Maybe the ghost is trying to get your attention. Maybe their all like, “‘look how sad and heartbroken Estrella is’”

“You know there’s no such thing as ghosts, and even if there was, I highly doubt that some ghost would be concerned about me, and I’m not sad about him anymore!”

“Well, I’m gonna take a shower before you start crying over him again. You say the same thing every time before you start crying again. Peace out,” She says, walking into her room as she leaves me in the kitchen. 

A Ghost. Such a silly thing to believe in. Since Emma and I moved into the apartment, strange things have happened, but they only happen when I’m around. Emma has been teasing me since we found that out. She says “the ghost loves you” or “the ghost is in love with you.”

I don’t believe in ghosts, but Emma does. When we were 11, she tried to force me to play the ouija board with her. She said she wanted to ‘contact the other side and speak with the ghost.’ She never got me to play; I thought that the idea of talking to spirits and seeing them was dumb; I still do.

I looked at the clock to see what time it was, and it was six o clock. Emma would probably be in the bathroom for another hour or so. I didn’t have anything important to do today so I decided to watch TV while I waited for Emma to get out of the bathroom. 

As I was walking to the living room so I could watch TV, I heard the TV turn on.

“Not again,” I thought to myself.

I froze straight in my tracks, eyes widening as I saw him. A boy was sitting on the couch watching TV. But he was transparent? Why?

“Oh my gosh,” I said while putting my hands over my mouth. 

He turned around and looked at me, and his eyes widened. 

Three years have passed since that encounter, and I had gotten closer to him. I had gotten so close to him that I fell in love with him. He told me his name was Daniel, and he treated me better than any guy. He treated me so well that Emma got jealous. 

She lied, saying she couldn’t see him. She kept telling me that I had gone crazy and was imagining things. She was lying, and she was just jealous of me. Yeah, that’s right. That’s why she made them lock me up.