ECHS Students Participate in Back to School Bash

Mary Said, BECHS


On August 23rd, BCECHS and BCC Students participated in a Back to School Bash, organized by Brooke Goff; who says, “The main goal of the Welcome Back Bash was to provide a space for all BCC students, faculty, and staff to connect, and to create a campus culture of engagement.” Students could use their lunch periods to participate in the exciting activities the Student Service Staff provided and, of course, our amazing President of BCC. 

Some of the activities included riding a mechanical bull or getting fairy hair that was provided by our own cosmetology students and their supervisor and/or coordinator, Kindyl Tolson. The staff of BCC also provided shirts and food for students, along with snow cones for dessert. 

Coordinating an event like this isn’t easy, though. This event took over a month of scheduling, coordination, and lots of hard work to make an incredible afternoon for the students of BCC and BECHS. 

When I interviewed students, most said they had a great time, and the bash helped them decompress after a stressful first couple of weeks at school, especially freshmen. One student said, “when I walked into my college class, someone had so much cotton candy I could not see his face.” 

Goff says, “I look forward to continuing to bring new and exciting things to campus for all to enjoy. Be on the lookout for more information about our Fall Fling happening in October!”  Thanks to her organization and hard work, students had the opportunity to relax and decompress from the first couple of weeks back to school. Thanks to the efforts of the Student Service staff, we all had an amazing time at the BCC bash!